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The only thing in this world which not only makes us capable to survive but to also grow in this world of competition...Learning…

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I am a graduate student pursuing my master’s in Computer Science at State University of New York, Binghamton expected to graduate in May 2019. My current GPA is 3.8. I have studied subjects like Operating systems, Computer Architecture and Organization, Data structures and algorithms, Information retrieval, design patterns.

I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from University of Pune, India in May 2014. My final year project work was in the area of Big data analytics using Hadoop, R language and Tableau.

T professional

The process of learning is incomplete until you apply your knowledge efficiently to solve a problem or to build a generalized solution.

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I have Worked as a Software consultant in a multinational organization named Quinnox Consultancy Services from August 2014 till May 2017. My work was mainly related to UI/Front end development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Along with that I am well acquainted with the diverse web technologies like NodeJs, ExpressJs, ReactJs, Spring framework etc. Other than web development, I was also involved as a core team member in the Automation framework using java, selenium, Sikuli and VBScript.


If Life is a waking up to a Sunday morning, then photography for me is like the first tea of that morning which brings the joy of heaven to the life.

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Everyone born with different interests and skills for which you don't need a teacher to learn or a person to motivate. For me, photography is one such thing. I pursue it as a hobby, source of joy, source of learning, a leisure time activity, a way to keep my creativity alive and many more reasons some of which I am not even aware of.

Currently I am working as a photographer for the news paper "Pipe Dream" which is run by students of SUNY Binghamton. I have also worked as a free-lance photographer for social events and functions. I have hands on experience with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. My personal choice is travel and street photography and my Instagram page talks all about it. Feel free to visit and leave a note. In free time I contribute to the community with my skills.

ree lance UI designer

If I take the two puzzle pieces stated above, and try to fit together in a good way, this is the simple obvious figure I can come up with a front-end developer.

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Probably it’s too much for me to say I am a web/UI designer because this field changes so rapidly and brings some new technologies and terms almost every day. But that’s the good thing about it. It’s my interest in this field that keeps myself improving. I keep learning new things and share my work as a simple project on GitHub and CodePen. This website is also an example of my work. I am working as a website developer for University's Research foundation website. I am also involved in designing front end for a startup company named EnhanceVR and will share my work anytime sooner.

he rest of me...

Well it’s not fair to talk about only one side of the coin. Hope you still have the interest to read the other side.

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A creative lazy person, cacographer, a 'pro'crastinator, music lover, a (confused) coffee lover (over tea), a dog person, a cricket fan, a football follower, a traveler, a sleep-a-lot hard worker, like to keep myself busy but not a workaholic, a daydreamer, master of none(maybe!!) but enthusiast of everything.